The Vish Visualization Shell  0.3
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 The Render Anemone
 The OpenGL Interface of Vish
 Compiling under Windows using the Minimal Gnu Windows Environment (MINGW)
 Overview of Documentation PagesTo get started with developing in Vish, one should know about Coding Style and Hints
 Creating VISH Objects
 The VISH Data and Control Flow ModelVISH employs a pull event model, ie any action is induced by the last object in an data flow graph
 The VISH iterator concept
 Input/Output of VISH ObjectsVISH objects have inputs and outputs
 Demonstration of Vish Objects and relations to parameters and Input ObjectsWe inspect a setup of three Vish objects named A,B and C
 How VISH Objects provide an input facilityLet us assume a VISH Object wants to implement a new, user-defined type
 Future Development plans
 Light++ Copyright License
 Coding Style and Hints
 Iterator Concept
 Memory Management
 Todo List
 Deprecated List