The Vish Visualization Shell  0.3
Overview of Documentation Pages

To get started with developing in Vish, one should know about Coding Style and Hints .

In nearly all places, we use reference pointers instead of native C++ pointers. It is thus essential to understand Memory Management .

The standard template library is used in many places, and we assume its usage is known. Documentation on the STL is to be found here .

The page The VISH API summarizes how it is used within Vish. Understanding the Iterator Objects (also see The VISH iterator concept) is required for many non-trivial programming tasks.

For applications using Vish as a plugin, it is required to know about Creating VISH Objects ; how to make vish render its objects as part of an application, see Rendering Vish Objects from an Application providing an OpenGL Context .

To get started on implementing objects, one may easiest start from the very simple examples MonochromeBackground.cpp Somewhat more complex is Gear.cpp .