The Vish Visualization Shell  0.3
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NEagleGather general basic mathematic functions which are not available in cmath here
 NPhysicalSpaceGeometric algebra of the physical 3D-space, by which we mean the Clifford algebara over Euclidean, three-dimensional space
 NPlaneGeometric algebra of the plane, by which we mean the Clifford algebra over Euclidean, two-dimensional space
 NSTAGeometric algebra of spacetime, a.k.a
 NEnglishHuman-readable actions for OpenGL
 NHydroVish: Remove Flaw Echos
 NMemCoreMemory Management classes and routines
 NMETAMETA is a collection of low-level template metaprograms which can be used in various situations
 NPanthalassaThe Panthalassa namespace allows to conveniently specify the properties of a VCreator object during construction
 NTraumTraum - Integration and Solving Differential Equation in Time and Space, i.e
 NWiztThe Vish namespace