The Vish Visualization Shell  0.3
Here is a list of all modules:
 Movie RenderingClasses used for rendering animations and movies
 Corals - Colorful ColormapsVish provides procedural colormaps which serve to colorize objects
 OpenGL Cacheing Mechanisms
 VISH Camera Modules.Viewpoint navigation in Vish is based on three types of objects:

  1. A Camera object that defines the VRenderContext::CameraSettings properties based on local parameters
 Execution Model and Parameters
 VISH Input Object Management
 VISH IteratorsIterators are implemented via abstract classes with a virtual apply() function that is call with a certain set of parameters describing the current object
 VISH ObjectsVISH Objects are objects with memory management which
 The Visualization Pipeline
 Abstract interface to script languages accessing VObjects (and others).Each function call parameter has
 ThreadsAbstraction interface to fire, handle and communicate with multiple threads
 Concrete and abstract storage places for data values that are used as parameters.
 ShrimpThe shrimp library contains essential objects based on the plankton library
 Graphic rendering interface for VISH
 VSocketNetwork socket interface for VISH
 Remote Control Communication Interface for VISH
 Simple Scripting Interface for VISH
 AerieInterfacing the MemCore and the Eagle library, providing an Aerie
 Small constant-size homogeneous structures
 Small Matrix ClassesTiny matrix classes with optimized numerical operations which make use of vectorization features through the VVector class
 Type information trait classesA set of classes that specify information on how a certain type is constructed
 Mathematical Operations and OptimizationsVarious functions and interfaces for optimized operations which may reduce to Intel CPU vector single instruction operations (which may operate on four floats in once cycle)
 MemCore Cache Management of Limited ResourcesClasses for the management of administration of objects which require fragments of a limited shared resources, such as RAM, disc space or OpenGL display lists
 Runtime multiple inheritance
 Database structures for adding I/O layers to classesThese classes built a framework that allows to equip existing classes with I/O methods for creating them from some persistent storage system or to save them to these
 String Utility functions
 MemCore Extended Type Information