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Object Class Referenceabstract
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MemCore::ReferenceBase< Object > Arrow MemCore::Auto< Object > Sphere Star

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- Public Types inherited from MemCore::ReferenceBase< Object >
using reference_domain_t = Object
 The type of the base class.
using SelfPtr_t = WeakPtrImpl< Object, Object >
 Type for a pointer to this object itself.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MemCore::ReferenceBase< Object >
long getObjectCountID () const noexcept
 Get a unique ID for this object in the given domain. More...
bool isIdentical (const WeakPtrImpl< Object, Object > &PossibleSelf) const noexcept
 Check if this object is identical to the one used by the given pointer.
void mkAutoDestructive ()
 Marks this object as being automatically destructed, e.g. More...
int refcount () const noexcept
 The strong reference count.
 ReferenceBase (Object *that) noexcept
 Constructor, initializes reference counter to zero.
const WeakPtrImpl< Object,
Object > & 
self () const
 Return weak pointer to the object self. More...
void speak (const char *s, const char *prefix="") const noexcept
 Print a debug message with the class name preceded.
int wrefcount () const noexcept
 The weak reference count.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MemCore::ReferenceBase< Object >
virtual void extremeUnction ()
 A virtual function that will be called just before the object is destroyed. More...
ReferenceBaseoperator= (const ReferenceBase &R)
 Protected assignment operator (should not be called). More...
virtual ~ReferenceBase ()
 Virtual destructor.