General Requirements
Platform Specific Compilation
Updating Vish
Convenience Hints
Expert User Information


A)    General Information:

VISH adheres to a concept of static configuration, which is to check out and do make right away, with no configure step in between. This is kind of induced as well due to the ability in the VISH make system to compile multiple platforms in the same source tree. As such, there is no global configure or so. Consequently, in theory, you just type ‘make’ after checkout.

Before you can start with the platform specific installation you’ll need to satisfy the following prerequisites.

General requirements:

  • Assembla Account (to be able to checkout the fish software)

You need an account at for accessing the VISH SVN sources. VISH is currently available on a personal basis for Co-Developers, Students and contributors via SVN. If you do not have an authorized account yet, you may send email to for general inquiries after reading the Vish license first.

Despite of the Assembla account, there are some dependencies on external libraries which cause headaches at times. These are not required for the VISH kernel, but for extensions:

  • Compilers

Currently approved compilers:

  • Linux: gcc4.8.2
  • Windows: MinGW 64, GCC 5.1
  • Linux, Mac OS: clang 3.51

Under LINUX it should be preinstalled. As for Windows it should be included in the QT package (see below).

For MacOS the compiler is the Clan compiler, which is included in the X-Code package (see platform specific Installation).

  • QT SDK

vers. 5.x or younger – The QT Libraries are required for the graphical frontend of Vish (qVish). QT Should be installed/unzipped in its default directory. Depending on your system choose between the 32bit and the 64bit version. The 32bit version you can officially download on the Qt-site.

For 64bit use the download link:

  • Subversion (SVN)

Is required for direct access to the repository of the sources (for more information click here). The binaries are available for several platforms.

If you have LINUX or MacOS it´s very likely preinstalled (type „svn help“  in your shell/terminal —> if it´s not installed it will complain ;)

Running a Windows platform it is recommended using Tortoise SVN as is probably the “most easy to use” Apache™ Subversion® Client (for more information see Platform Specific Compilation). 

This is a link to the download site for SVN.

B)    Platform specific Compilation

Vish is cross-platform and can be compiled on any operating system providing a decent C++ compiler. qVish requires a platform where QT is supported. For graphics OpenGL support is mandatory.

Compiling Vish under Linux  (default installation guide, instructions applying to all platforms supporting GCC & GNU Make)

Compiling Vish under Linux – cmake

Compiling Vish under Windows  (based on the Msys/MinGW environment)

Compiling Vish under Windows – cmake

Compiling Vish under Mac OS  (experimental, unsupported)


Building with Qt Creator


C)    Updating Vish

This is done by using SVN update in your fish folder. Nevertheless you don’t need to SVN update, unless there is a real need. “Never touch a running system”.

So if your fish is swimming you’ll be fine with the status quo.

If you have to update, navigate to your fish folder, do the svn update and compile with „make/minGW32make“ after the update.

D)    Convenience Hints

Usefull information for easy handling.

E)    Expert User Information

Not happy with the custom installation? Here´s some Information usable for experienced users.

F)    Troubleshooting