Geo-Scientific Data Stemming from Coastal and Civil Engineering

Vish can handle data from LIDAR laser scans, shapefile based data, ocean river heights, wind field data, coastal modelling data, satellite images and weather data and make Geo-Scientific Visualizations.

See also:Ai??Cartographic Rendering of Elevation Surfaces using Procedural Contour Lines.

Oil Spill Trajectories in the Gulf of Mexico

PowerPlant in Rheinfelden Germany

Visualization data can also be combined using both sonar and lasers. Ai?? In this example, this image was made from a survey of LIDAR and sonar data at the power-plant in Rheinfelden, Germany. It combines the visualization of the processed point cloud, cross-sections and the extracted water surface. The passage of migrating fish is especially well captured.


Vish Algorithm Can Identify Power Lines



On the Cover of Geo Informatics Magazine in December 2011, Vol. 14.

(This image was made in Vish)

Vish Custom development already available for the following Scientific Domains


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