Vish at Supercomputing 2013 in Denver Colorado

sc2013The Vish Visualization Shell is a software framework to make visualizations from a wide variety of data sources, observational as well as computational. It provides a very general infrastructure independent from a certain application domain which can be easily adapted and customized towards specific requirements. At the same time it maintains high performance by scalable treatment of large data and efficient usage of modern computer hardware.

Because Vish is well suited for applied sciences and can be implemented into a variety of industrial applications, it is great for everyone who is interested in scientific data exploration, data analysis, and data presentation.  As a flexible general software framework with the ability to handle large amounts of data, Vish can be customized and combined to work with any data acquisition hardware device or method used to collect data (i.e. observational or computational).   Examples of data acquisition hardware devices include a variety of technologies such as laser and sonic technology, GPS, GIS systems and more.


astrophysicscover Cells1_5
CASC5_A Ethylene Glycol in Vish
Astrophysics Finite Elements Geosciences Molecular D CFD


Above are examples of Vish being used  in a variety of scientific disciplines:
Astrophysics, Microbiology, CFD, Geo-sciences, Finite Elements and Medical Imaging.