Unix & Mac OS

Under unix, Vish is started via a script that is located in the bin/ folder of the Vish directory. Vish is started by giving the full path to this folder such as


provided Vish has been installed in the home directory of a user named “myself” in a subfolder called vish.

For convenience, one may either define an allias in the unix shell

alias v=/home/myself/vish/bin/vish

such that typing “v” can be used as a shortcut for the complete path, or one can expand the environment variable PATH to include the Vish bin directory:


The second variant also allows to invoke other utilities that come with Vish, such as F5ls.

Note for Unix-Novices: Both commands need to be typed each time a new terminal or shell is opened. For convenience, they can also be added in the ~/.bashrc file which is read any time a new shell is started. For convenience, there is a bash-script in bin/bashrc that can be included in ~/.bashrc, it will set the aforementioned alias and also provide a couple of other aliases and functions.



Under Windows is it sufficient to call the binary vish.exe from vish/bin/$arch/ where $arch stands for some description of the current platform, for instance arch-i686-w64-mingw32-Debug , which is evident out of the context in the current application.