FiberVISH  0.2
Here is a list of all modules:
 ConvertersConverters from and to other file formats
 The Fiber Bundle HDF5 I/O LayerThe most generic and powerful I/O layer for the Fiber Bundle Class Library is achieved via HDF5
 Multidimensional arrays whose values are direct products.
 Interfacing the Vector library with the MemCore library.This library extents the header-only Vector template library with the memory management capabilities of the MemCore library
 Chart and Atlas objectChart objects represent coordinate systems and spatial domains where they are valid
 Predefined Grid TypesThe gridtypes library provides a collection of classes for easier handling of known types of grids
 Random Access Iteration over elements of a VectorA set of vectors may be layout in many ways
 Multidimensional InterpolationInterpolators allow to retrieve a data value from a multidimensional array between the index points, i.e
 Multidimensional Arrays with Flexible Data Layout and On-Demand Slice CreationMultidimensional arrays are defined via recursive templates
 Anemone Fish - Connecting the Anemonia Render API with the Fiber Bundle Data Model
 The VISH - Fiber Bundle InterfaceFish is the Fiber Bundle VISH interface
 The Fish Eye Retina - Fiber Bundle to OpenGL Gateway via Vish APIThe retina library provides various classes that connect the fiber bundle data module within What is Vish? (aka Fish) to the graphical world of OpenGL
 Visualization Modules for Vector Fields
 Movie Rendering [external]
 Corals - Colorful Colormaps [external]
 OpenGL Cacheing Mechanisms [external]
 VISH Camera Modules. [external]
 Execution Model and Parameters [external]
 VISH Input Object Management [external]
 VISH Iterators [external]
 VISH Objects [external]
 The Visualization Pipeline [external]
 Abstract interface to script languages accessing VObjects (and others). [external]
 Threads [external]
 Shrimp [external]
 Graphic rendering interface for VISH [external]
 VSocket [external]
 Remote Control Communication Interface for VISH [external]
 Aerie [external]
 Type information trait classes [external]
 Mathematical Operations and Optimizations [external]
 MemCore Cache Management of Limited Resources [external]
 Runtime multiple inheritance [external]
 Database structures for adding I/O layers to classes [external]
 String Utility functions [external]
 MemCore Extended Type Information [external]