FiberVISH  0.2
Fish - Fiber Bundle Data Model within Vish

Fish is the combination of the FiberLib2 with Vish. It is built upon two main components:

The essence of the FiberLib2 is to provide a C++ API to the 5-level F5 fiber bundle data model, which casts data into a hierarchy of five levels:

  1. Slice (e.g. time slices, but in general one point of an arbitrary-dimensional parameter spaces)
  2. Grid (describing a geometric entity, a spatial domain)
  3. Skeleton (one specific topological property of a Grid)
  4. Representation (a group of data allowing to describe a Skeleton relative to a coordinate system or another Skeleton)
  5. Field (a container for actual numbers)

A Field provides infrastructure for practical needs. It allows for on-demand creation of numerical data, as well as fragmentation to allow out-of-core data handling for data larger than RAM. Numerical data within a Field are described via multidimensonal array as described in Multidimensional Arrays and Memory Management in the Fiber Bundle Library .

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