Field: A field is a physical quantity that has a value for each point in space and time

FragmentID: Meta information for several Field Fragments like fragment name, dimension, numerical ID etc. For example: FragId-Tyrol has the same meta information for field temperature, height and velocity

Field Fragment: Is a creator (or more specific: CreativeArrayBase) which provides data, meta information, etc

Field FragID-Tyrol FragID-Vorarlberg FragID-Salzburg
Temperature Field Fragment TA Field Fragment TB Field Fragment TC
Height Field Fragment HA Field Fragment HB Field Fragment HC
Velocity Field Fragment VA Field Fragment VB Field Fragment VC



// Lets see if we have a field fragment
RefPtr<CreativeArrayBase>Field_Fragment_TA = Temperature_Field[ FragID_Tyrol]; // Basis Class 

// check if field fragment exist, if not provide one...
  if (!Field_Fragment_TA)  
  // Do something

// now we have a definitely a field fragment and use the data for further processing