Vish specifically supports handling and displaying time-dependent data:

Dynamic data are core to the data handling and directly cast into the core.

Rendering makes use of sophisticated caching techniques to allow real-time playback of three-dimensional rendering, enabling full four-dimensional navigation in a dynamic data set. Diverse data sets are accessed via physical time, allowing for easy integration and synchronization of data from different source. The concept of an integer time step is left internally to a dataset.

qVish provides a time slider with elaborated controls:

  • specification of physical time range for traversing
  • specification of number of time steps, time interval between time steps, or continuous access
  • multiple independent time sliders to allow exploration of time series and parameter spaces
  • variable frames per second setting for replay
  • choice of automatic or manual adjustment of time range

Various modules exist that allow rendering of animation sequences of arbitrary pixel resolution, supporting image formats such as jpg, png, tiff and OpenEXR (for HDR rendering). Rendering with Alpha channels is supported.

Video: AnimateColors640x360 Animating Colors Video: AnimateGeometry640x360
Animating Geometry